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        Platform Introduction

        Platform Introduction

        The China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Platform and Consortium was established by Professor Guoqiang Zhang of Hunan University, China. It is operating by Hunan China Construction 4.0 Building Industry Academy.In the China Construction 4.0 platform, construction refers to the life cycle process of urban and rural infrastructure and buildings. The concept and system of China Construction 4.0 platform can be briefly described as follows.

        Core Concepts of China Construction 4.0
        High-quality Construction, Sustainable Cities
        Through international cooperation and innovation &entrepreneurship,
        constitute scientific, systematic and refined theoretical and practice model
        promote the quality of construction and urbanizationin China and developing countries
        realize sustainable development


        Prof. Guoqiang Zhang Personal website

        • ◆ Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers in Hunan Province
        • ◆ Young Teachers Award Winners of the Ministry of Education
        • ◆ Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Talents Promotion Plan Winners
        • ◆ The Ministry of Hunan Resources and Social Development of the National Talents of the New Century Talent Project
        • ◆ The Central Organization Department Plans to Lead Talented People
        • ◆ State Council Special Allowance Recipient
        • ◆ Dean, Institute for Sustainable Urbanization and Construction Innovation, Hunan University
        • ◆ Founder, China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Forum/Consortium
        • ◆ Director, National Center for International Research Collaboration in Building Safety and Environment, MOST, China
        • ◆ Member, the academic committee, Hunan University
        • ◆ Member, Editorial board of the Journal of Hunan University
        • ◆ President, Hunan China Construction 4.0 Building Industry Academy
        • ◆ Chairman, International Conference on AsiaCity2050: High-quality Construction, Sustainable Cities
        • ◆ Executive Director, Technical Committee of China(Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo.
        • ◆ Chairman, Hunan University Regal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.