Platform Introduction

Brief Introduction

The China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Platform and Consortium was established by Professor Guoqiang Zhang of Hunan University, China. It is operating by Hunan China Construction 4.0 Building Industry Academy.

In the China Construction 4.0 platform, construction refers to the life cycle process of urban and rural infrastructure and buildings. The concept and system of China Construction 4.0 platform can be briefly described as follows: 

China Construction 1.0

Traditional residential construction technology with small construction quantity and simple technology, thus low quality assurance system was required.

China Construction 2.0

Modern construction technology featured by high-rise structures and complicated equipment such as air-conditioning and elevators, with construction quantity and requiring complicated technologies and correspondingly need a complicated quality assurance system which requires high standard of constrction industrialiation. However, the quality assurance system has not well established for China construction industry yet.

China Construction 3.0

Modern construction technology featured by green and smart technologies, with the goal of sustainable development.

China Construction 4.0

Improve the quality assurance system, strengthen the industrialization of buildings, and combine big data and artificial intelligence to achieve high quality and sustainable development of buildings in the new era.